Employees Identity and access system

Enroll and verify employees at clock in and clock out time with effortless speed as well as  access control to secure areas to clientele and their guests at any entry checkpoint.

National Identity program

Absolutely error free identity verification makes national security much simpler to upkeep and no need to maintain manual registries or watchlists. Provide base for e-Government. 

Security agencies, suspected persons identification and tracking

MBT helps security agencies enable security officers in the field with best of the line, top notch Biometric devices  and hot line connection with the central identity system. Take filed officer capability to identify suspected subjects in seconds using biometric identity. 

High throughput passenger pass through turnstile 

Best and most promising way to operate turnstile/speed gate is when integrated with a speedy facial recognition system. Biometriya Face Pass captures and identifies 2< seconds shows how truly turnstile can benefit your high throughput people passage requirement. 

Remote areas people enrollment programs

Census data collection becomes as easy as 1. Arrive at a rural home, 2. Turn on the BMBT20 and, 3. Document your enrollee with notes for accurate informative interaction with said local inhabitants

Smart and Secure Access to improve guest /visitor experience (KYC)

No key card? No problem when using the safest method of efficient security to gain access to checkpoints restricted to paying customers and their guests

Biometric Payment system

Shopping will be a breeze when the risk of identity theft shrinks to nothing ; an entirely worry-free and stress free experience awaits!