Biometriya guarantees employee satisfaction by streamlining flexible and automated performance management and security measures. HR department saves time with easy setup products at the access points of each location.

Recruitment, job posting, selection:  Recruitment prospects and top choice to invite for interviews and convenient on-boarding process once selected from the pool for the corporation is a core HR commitment. People are the organization’s lifeblood, and discovering the best fit is crucial. Using Biometriya HRM to manage corporate vacancies and advertise it online via automated webpage/RSS feeds, frees up time and streamlines the process. 

Biometriya HRM candidate modules direct links to all vacancies and relevant departments in real time. 

Performance tracker and management

Superior performance management is vital for the corporate environment. Biometriya's HRM performance Management module makes this effortless for all participants. This automated data collection sys tracks employee performance over a wide parameter of customizable metrics. This system is not rigid; it is flexible and automated for your specific parameters, featuring automated time, performance and location tracking capabilities. Leave request management system - Biometriya LMS automates the leave request process for a hassle-free experience. Both management and employees will find the process satisfactory as it increases productivity with its features:

Biometriya HRM took three steps forward from traditional HRMs by applying job and task management features to employees. Simplifying at a glance reporting coupled with the performance tracking feature, you can delegate with data-based evidence of what works for great results. Role-based access allows managers to quickly and frequently assign updated tasks to subordinates, track performance, and quickly check off the corporate to-do list! 

Automated time management

Biometriya’s HRM is integral to Biometriya ecosystem of leveraging the high throughput FacePass and mobile BMBT 20 to automate the clock in/out process, even without a visible checkpoint. FacePass, a high throughput, easy-to-use facial recognition system, elevates Biometriya HRM to manage and control employees' and visitors' access within your facility. Featuring real-time location tracking on the cloud or on-premises allows you to increase security with a lower variable for human error. On the other hand, BMBT 20 facilitates HR team’s ability to register new employees remotely, a handy tool in today’s age for engaging with a high-volume of population. 

Salary and benefits management

Biomitriya HRM facilitates corporations to manage employee payments and benefits by categorizing them into groups like grades, making it even more streamlined for employees.

The mobile onboarding app allows you to control every aspect of the process every step of the way. 

Corporate branding

Biometriya HRM is fully customizable to your corporate brand. On the fly, you can better change the look and feel of your HRM for the ease of use that works into your brand. 

All the while creating a simple performance management process that works you your entire organization.